Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization that empowers the electorate through education and civic engagement to promote equitable values at all levels of government. 

While a majority of our members live in Derry Township, we come from many distant communities, focusing on issues, education and action.

What We Do

We share responsibility for keeping the peace, avoiding war and proliferation of nuclear materials, welcoming others, equality of all minorities, accepting and supporting the LGBTQ community, civil discourse and loving our neighbors. We stand for fair wages, family values, respect for women, environment protection, equal opportunity, public education, sensible gun regulations, medical care for all, and tax reform that shares the burden equitably.

Our Impact

Since we came together in 2016, we have made an impact by:

  • Holding meetings at all levels of government
  • Making phone calls and registering voters
  • Researching the positions of our elected officials at all levels to enable honest discussion
  • Communicating our beliefs with elected officials with polite, persuasive language.

Our Origins

Founded in response to the 2016 election, Indivisibles created a practical guide to resist his agenda. Indivisible is a movement of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members taking regular, iterative, and increasingly complex actions to resist an extremist agenda, elect local champions, and fight for progressive policies.

We make calls. We show up. We speak with our neighbors. We organize.

Action by action, day by day, group by group, Indivisibles are reclaiming our democracy.