It’s Election Day! Here are some tips:

Sorry this is outdated information. We are working to remove it!

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 16, polls open 7AM – 8PM

The Election Committee urges everyone to vote. However, you must be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote in the primary.

  1. Research candidates – if you search their name you should find them on Facebook, Google to find their website, or see the following websites: 2017_pa_primary.html

    See Attachment Derry Township Ballot 2 (This includes PA and Dauphin County Judges)

  2. Bullet Voting – If you strongly support 1 candidate but are allowed to vote for “up to four,” you may bullet vote by marking or voting for only 1 candidate.
  3. Cross-filing – Be aware that candidates for the PA Court of Common Pleas & your local Board of School Directors cross file. This means that candidates run in the primary election of their own party and also that of the other party. They are listed on both sides of the ballot.  Their party affiliation is not listed on the ballot. (See attached sample ballot where D or R is listed for judicial candidates for Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas and Derry Township School Board)
  4. For the general election in November –
    Get involved in local campaigns by contacting:
  1. candidates directly, or
  2.  local parties, for Derry Township:
    1. Republicans – Andrea Abruzzo at
    2. Democrats – Sandy Ballard at

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