3/14/18 Monthly Meeting

One of the hot button issues today in our country is immigration. We are assaulted daily with news, mostly unfavorable, of immigrants. Yet, many of us may know few facts or much about the people who work directly every day with this difficult situation. At Hershey Indivisible Team’s (HIT) March 15 meeting, our invited speaker has been directly involved with immigration and its powerful influences on our government legislation, social services and families for over ten years.
Currently serving as the Director of Immigration Legal Services at Catholic Charities of Harrisburg, John Leedock manages the daily operations of the Immigration Legal Services Clinic that serves low income clients.  He provides legal services to clients as a United States Department of Justice Accredited Representative and specializes in family reunification and humanitarian immigration law.
To that end, Mr. Leedock has made presentations to state and national associations in the United States on topics related to immigration compliance for universities and religious organizations and international education.  Additionally, he has given lectures at Universities in China and Taiwan about the relationship between immigration policy and institutional competitiveness.   

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