End Student Debt Crisis

The petition to Congress reads:

“Support the Students not Profits Act of 2019 to make sure for-profit colleges don’t get federal aid to exploit and under-educate students.”

For-profit colleges lie to students and leave them deeply in debt. They have been repeatedly caught promising a great education and career success in order to suck tuition dollars out of students and taxpayers. Some for-profit college campuses have gone as far as bribing local temp agencies to hire graduates for a day or two in order to artificially inflate “job placement” rates.1

But despite their grifter status, these colleges receive 15% of the total U.S. financial aid each year – and a third of them get almost all their revenue from federal sources.2They recently introduced a bill, the Students not Profits Act of 2019, that would cut off federal aid from for-profit colleges. Can you help build momentum for the bill today?

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