Fair Fight in GA

Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

can assure that Democrats take back the Senate!

It has been suggested that the lion’s share of the credit for turning Georgia BLUE was
Stacy Abrams
because she knows how to Get Out The Vote (GOTV).
And GOTV will be the key to success in the January 5th runoff election.
We must prepare for the next fight: Control of the U.S. Senate which
will come down to Georgia’s two runoff elections on January 5.
These runoff elections will be tough fights, but we know we can win. We need your help right now to make sure they win — and to protect the right of every eligible Georgian to make their voice heard.
Split a donation between Raphael WarnockJon Ossoff, and Fair Fight
to protect the vote and send both candidates to the Senate.

Visit the Fair Fight Website

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