Carlisle Webinar

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Changing climate has caused and will continue to cause impacts to public health, infrastructure, emergency services, and major economic contributors like agriculture, tourism, and recreation. This means more flooding, more heat and respiratory deaths, increased disease and pests, and disruptions to our food and agricultural systems. There is value in taking action and preparing at the local and state levels. How does local climate action planning happen? The Borough of Carlisle and the borough’s Climate Action Commission will be used as an example of how local governments and citizens can initiate climate action planning.
Joel Hicks, Carlisle Climate Action Commission (CAC) Chair;
Tony Underwood, CAC Pathways and Analysis Team Lead;
Sara Markowitz, CAC Community Engagement Team Lead;
Mohammed Badissey, CAC Projects and Estimates Team Lead; and
Karla Farrell, CAC Zoning Team Lead.
Event will include a question and answer session.
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