12/9/20 Monthly Meeting

“History and Future of the Indivisible Movement”

This Week – Hershey Indivisible Team General Meeting

Wednesday, December 9th at 6:30-8:00 pm on ZOOM

Just what is Indivisible? Yes, it’s part of the words we repeat from memory in the Pledge we recite from our earliest school memories.
But in 2016, Indivisible became part of the progressive movement in the United States as a reaction to the election of Donaldd Trump as President of the United States.
The movement began with the online publication of a guidebook written by Congressional staffers with suggestions for peacefully but effectively resisting the move to the right in the executive branch of the United States government that was widely anticipated by progressives.
Over the last four years, the Indivisible movement became a group of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members taking regular, iterative, and increasingly complex actions to resist the far right’s agenda, elect local champions, and fight for progressive policies.
We know that Joe Biden has won the presidency, but the only way he’s going to be able to pursue his agenda fully is if progressives and moderates have full control of both chambers of Congress. We know we’re keeping control of the House of Representatives, but we won’t know the Senate’s makeup until after the Georgia runoff elections in January 2021. That’s why Indivisible is prioritizing those races over the next two months.
Becca Litt is the Regional Organizer for PA/DE Indivisible. After receiving her social work degree from Columbia University, she then practiced social work with refuges and the disability community. Before, working at Indivisible, Becca was a field organizer on the Elizabeth Warren campaign in Chicago.
During her presentation, Becca will cover more about the movement and what HIT can focus on during the “lame duck” time and beyond.
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