3/18/21 General Meeting

The Embarrassment of Innocence:

America’s Problem With Wrongful Convictions

Presented by Spero T. Lappas

This presentation will be on March 17th at 6:30pm. 
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The conviction and punishment of men and women who are completely innocent remains the most serious problem facing American criminal justice today, as it has been for several decades.

Under current rulings of the United States Supreme Court, it is not only constitutionally permissible to punish – even to execute – a factually innocent person – sometimes it is legally required.

Dr. Spero Lappas has practiced criminal and constitutional law since 1977 and he is an expert on all aspects of the wrongful convictions problem.

He has served on Legislative Advisory Committees which studied the inequities of wrongful convictions and capital punishment, and he now serves as a Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Citizen Advisory

Commission which is tasked with the mission of promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability among the Commonwealth’s state law enforcement agencies .

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