Election Connection

Primary Election Candidates – Primary Election May 16, 2023

Derry Township School Board

Democratic Candidates
Joshua Cysyk
Lindsay Drew
Stewart McCarver
Jennifer Renz
Honesta Romberger
Tracey Royo

Republican Candidates
Robert Brackbill
Katherine English
Colby Hollinger
Lindsay Koch
Andrea Mitchell
Kim O’Connell


**Please vote your values!**
Derry Township is not immune from the extremist agenda of book banning, anti “other” (LGBTQ, trans, skin color, ethnicity and other “differences” that are identified by their leaders).

Why Does Every School Board Candidate Appear on My Democratic or Republican Primary Election Ballot?

Candidates for School Board may “Cross File” nomination petitions. Cross Filing means submitting a petition for two different recognized political parties (currently Republican and Democratic). Thus, the candidate can submit a petition for the political party he/she is registered in and submit a separate petition for the opposite political party.



Derry Township Supervisor

Richard Zmuda

Michael Angello

Dauphin County Commissioner
** VOTE FOR 2 **

George P. Hartwick III
Justin Douglas

Mike Pries
Chad Saylor

Dauphin County Treasurer

Fred Faylona

Nick Difrancesco

Dauphin County Clerk of Courts

Bridget Whitley, Esq.

John McDonald

Dauphin County Recorder of Deeds

Tami Dykes

Jim Zugay

Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas

Latasha C. Williams, Esq.

Courtney K. Powell, Esq.

Dauphin County District Attorney


Fran Chardo

Dauphin County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court


Jean Marfizo King

Dauphin County Sheriff


Nick Chimienti

Dauphin County Controller


Mary Bateman

Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Pennsylvania Bar Associations Judicial Evaluation Commission Recommendations Included

Democratic Candidates
Daniel McCaffery – Highly Recommended
Deborah Kunselman – Highly Recommended

Republican Candidates
Carolyn Caluccio – Highly Recommended
Patricia McCullough – Not Recommended

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

Democratic Candidates
Matthew Wolf – Recommended
Bryan Neft – Recommended

Republican Candidates
Megan Martin – Recommended
Joshua Prince – Not Recommended

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Democratic Candidates
Jill Beck – Highly Recommended
Timika Lane – Highly Recommended
Patrick Dugan – Not Recommended

Republican Candidates
Maria Battista – Not Recommended
Harry Smail – Recommended