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Special Election for the 48th PA Senatorial Seat

A special election will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020 to replace Sen. Mike Folmer of the PA 48th district, who resigned after being arrested on child pornography charges. The 48th Senatorial District includes all of Lebanon County, northeastern York County, and parts of Dauphin County.
On Saturday, Oct. 19, the York, Lebanon and Dauphin Republican committees nominated Lebanon County District Attorney Dave Arnold to run as the Republican party's candidate. On Sunday, Oct, 20, Democrats nominated Michael Schroeder, an associate professor of history at Lebanon Valley College.
The Republican candidate, Dave Arnold, has served as Lebanon County's district attorney for nearly 14 years. He declined to be interviewed, but in the past, he has labeled himself as “a Harrisburg outsider who would fight to reduce taxes and protect the Second Amendment. “
The Democratic candidate, Michael Schroeder, has studied and written about politics for the past three or four decades. His primary legislative issue is climate change; he supports Gov. Wolf’s executive order to join the Regional Greenhouse Initiative. Schroeder also would fight to raise the state's minimum wage, protect women's reproductive rights, expand access to health care, and increase education spending, particularly for higher education. Although the district has been historically conservative, Schroeder said “voters, particularly those in Lebanon County, seem to have grown accustomed to Republicans' 'stale politics' and want a fresh alternative.”
The district is overwhelmingly Republican.
[Source: York Dispatch, Oct. 22, 2019]



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