Attacks have been launched against the environment continuously since Trump took office. Since Trump doesn’t care about protecting our families or homes from climate change or pollution, HIT members have begun to strongly advocate to protect our communities from destruction at the hands of the Trump administration. Since taking office, Trump and his administration have:

  • Revoked stream protection rule that restricted mining waste from being dumped into local waterways
  • Rescinded a prohibition against lead ammunition on federal lands
  • Appointed an EPA chief who denies emissions have caused climate change despite wide scientific consensus
  • Proposed large budget cuts for the EPA and NOAA
  • Allowed the continued use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos despite evidence linking it to brain damage in children and farm workers
  • Exited the Paris Climate change agreement, ceding leadership to China and other countries
  • Suspended studies on the health effects of mountaintop removal mining on communities
  • Disbanded the climate advisory panel
  • Has begun to dismantle the clean power plan, an Obama plan to help stop climate change

Here’s some photos of what HIT members have been doing to combat this poisonous agenda: