6/13/18 Monthly Meeting

We are divided. We all know it. We need to find ways to talk to each other and set aside our differences. There is hope. Using Three Practices for Dialogue Without Debate, we can begin to Cross the Divide. According to Rev. Dr. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker, Pastor of Derry Presbyterian Church, we need to practice three skills: 1) Be unusually interested in the other; 2) Practice staying ‘in the room’ with difference; and 3) Stop comparing my best with your worst. In short, we all need to ‘out-listen’ others, not ‘break up’ when the other has voted for the ‘wrong’ person, and stop playing gotcha and start giving ground.
The Hershey Indivisible Team will challenge attendees at their June 13th meeting to learn these new and useful skills to help heal our country and remake friendships. It is up to us.

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