6/12/19 Monthly Meeting

On Wed., June 12, 2019, the Hershey Indivisible Team will host PA State Representative Kim to discuss her recently introduced legislation: HB 1215 One Fair Wage.

Many Pennsylvanians believe that a successful community should help working people protect their rights and dignity. When jobs don’t pay enough for our neighbors to afford the basics—things like food, car repairs, and eyeglasses—it hurts the local economy. When wages are so low that they don’t even cover rent and the expense of getting around, it forces working people to rely on the local food bank to help make ends meet.

Raising the wage floor can help restore spending on the basics and in the process and boost the local economy. It’s important to many that we raise wages by increasing the minimum wage, and that we eliminate the tipped minimum wage and strengthen prevailing wage laws. We must have a livable wage for all our hard working residents.


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