12/11/2019 Monthly Meeting

Hear here!

A Book Discussion: While Reason Slept by Tom Brier

Author, Thomas F. Brier, Jr., will be the featured speaker at the Wednesday, December 11th, meeting of the Hershey Indivisible Team. Brier, a Hershey native, will share his motivation and the foundation for his book, While Reason Slept. The meeting will also give us an opportunity to celebrate HIT’s third birthday. So, skip desert and share a slice of HIT’s birthday cake!

In his book, While Reason Slept, Brier makes a compelling case for reason and education. He persuasively contends that America’s irrational transformation began in the age of modern propaganda when Freudian tactics of manipulation have been misappropriated and expounded upon by every major influencer of the past century, from the Third Reich to Ronald Reagan to Facebook.

But after considering the principal causes underlying America’s irrational state of affairs, Brier offers an optimistic solution for recapturing the Founders’ vision of a rational Republic. If you are a citizen who hungers for reality; if you would rather travel the arduous path of justice than the reassuring path of comfort; then this book is a must read and will help those who want to use an argument grounded in reason to change the nature of political discourse. It is time to come together.

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