Charter School Reform in PA

The charter industry is putting an enormous amounts of money behind killing charter school legislation that will increase accountability and rein in the excess funding charters receive. We don’t need millions of dollars to win this fight, but we do need to  show state lawmakers that their constituents want them to support charter school reform.




Sign the letter that calls on lawmakers to:

  • End overpayments to cyber charter schools.
  • Apply state special education funding formula to charter schools to eliminate the profit that charters reap off of payments for students with disabilities.
  • Prevent discriminatory enrollment, discipline and suspension practices in charters.
  • Improve accountability for academic and financial performance.
  • End nepotism, financial self-dealing and conflicts of interest among charter administrators, boards and related companies.
  • Apply sunshine laws to charter foundations and management companies.
  • Limit the power of the Charter Appeals Board to overturn the decisions of elected school boards. 
We will deliver thousands of letters to send a strong message that Pennsylvanians expect lawmakers to take action this legislative session.

Please sign the letter now:

After you sign, there are many more ways you can help:
  1. Share the letter on Facebook with your network and ask your friends to sign it. 
  2. Email or text the link to the letter to your friends and ask them to sign.
  3. Print the form and collect signatures on paper:
    • Mail paper copies to: Education Voters of PA, 412 N 3rd St., Harrisburg, PA 17101
    • Take a clear picture of your signature pages on your phone and send to: (717) 331-4033
    • Scan your signature pages and email to :
    We urge you to phone or send a handwritten letter to your legislators, advocating charter school reform, as these can have the greatest impact:

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