End Prison Gerrymandering

End Prison Gerrymandering

A major goal in the LWV People Powered Fair Maps initiative is forming ever broader coalitions to support a fair redistricting process and maps that ensure we all have a voice.
To that end, LWVPA and Fair District PA have been working with a diverse group of stakeholders on a series of forums addressing prison gerrymandering in PA and the resultant impact on PA prison policy.
This is an exceptional opportunity to build connections with groups in your region most impacted by incarceration. It combines LWVPA work on criminal justice with the current need for redistricting reform and our equity and inclusion priorities.
Please take part in one of the regional forums, promote them in any way you can, and plan to help with follow-up activities to build stronger regional networks on behalf of fair, inclusive policy and fair district maps.

End Prison Gerrymandering in PA

Unfair district lines take away power from impacted communities
People in prison aren’t allowed to vote–yet the census counts them in the areas they’re imprisoned and not the areas they come from. This prison gerrymandering funnels political power away from communities impacted by incarceration to legislators who have prisons in their districts. In Pennsylvania, this practice is responsible for creating the equivalent of whole new PA House districts in areas around surrounding prisons rather than the areas where people are from.
At the forums, individuals and family members most directly affected by mass incarceration and loss of representation will share their stories, while speakers from host organizations provide background to put those stories in context. Come hear about how we can end this practice and bring fair
Regional Forums (all Zoom events). Registration links are below: 
  • Decarcerate PA
  • Free the Ballot
  • Straight Ahead!
  • Abolitionist Law Center
  • Fair Districts PA
  • League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
  • PA Council of Churches Advocacy
  • ACLU of Pennsylvania
Part of our goal in this is to strengthen ties between advocate communities in every region of PA. Next steps will include
  • Building broader support for redistricting reform bills HB 22 /SB 222.
  • Attention and advocacy to end prison gerrymandering, including support for SB 104/ HB 706)
  • Regional meetings on prison policy, beginning with attention to geriatric prisoners and misuse of solitary confinement.
  • Regional mapping events to protect local communities and ensure fair representation.
The more we work together, the more effective we can be. Please share, promote and look for ways to build our democracy networks. 

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