Hershey Indivisible Team (HIT) is a grassroots organization that empowers the electorate through education, encouragement and civic engagement to promote equitable values at all levels of government.
While a great percentage of our members live in Derry Township, our members actually come from many distant communities. We focus on issues, education and action.


We came together spontaneously after the 2016 election to form the Hershey Indivisible Team and easily identified multiple issues of primary concern. To educate ourselves and the community, we settled on general membership meetings that would focus on a single issue with recognized speakers who are experts in their field.
Meetings frequently include a presentation, a call to action: phone calls, letters or supplementary events to share concern with local officials as well as others in the community. Gradually, our members have been transformed from citizens who merely vote to citizens who work to share their values with elected leaders as well as other community members.
Since January of 2017, we have engaged in a variety of activities:

We have held town hall meetings at all levels of government.


We have made phone calls and registered voters.

We have researched the positions of our elected officials at the local, state and national levels so that we can discuss the issues fairly and honestly. We will not tolerate fake news threatens the credibility of our free press. We will communicate our beliefs with our elected officials in firm, polite and persuasive language. We will assure that our elected representatives know what we want and how we expect them to represent us.  


In late 2016, a document called the Indivisible Guide was created to bring together thousands of groups across the country as people mobilized to resist a government focused on hate and division.

We will not be divided by race; we will not be divided by religion; we will not be divided by gender or gender identification; we will not be divided by political party; we will not be divided by wealth; we will not be divided by education; we will not be divided by age. We are united by inclusion and acceptance. We are indivisible. We are one. We gain our strength from our diversity.

We welcome you.



Volunteer groups are frequently organized with a hierarchical structure. We are not. In our organization, members of our organization are a team.

  • We share concerns, work together, amplify our voices, and have fun doing it.
  • We share the responsibility for keeping the peace, avoiding war and proliferation of nuclear materials, welcoming others, equality of all minority populations, accepting and supporting our LGBTQ population, civil discourse and loving our neighbors.
  • We stand for a fair and living wage, family values, respect for women, protection of our environment, equal opportunity, good public education, sensible gun regulations, medical care for all, and tax reform that shares the burden equitably.
  • Click on the HIT logo on our Home Page to see a sample of what our fantastic teams have done.