The issues are many but our team members will research and record their findings so that all may have the information readily available.

Research will include:

  • The legislator’s name
  • The Issue
  • The date (preferably when announced)
  • A quote from each legislator’s web site relevant to the specific issue
  • The URL where the quote was found

If specific legislation and the legislator’s vote are available, that information will also be useful.

As members have the opportunity to meet with legislators personally, meeting notes will be posted on the Legislator’s page. Since topics at a given meeting will most likely overlap issues, the topics can be cross referenced under the specific issue as well. Notes from such meetings will be reviewed by all those who attended.


Our issues include:


Criminal Justice Reform

Economic Justice/Taxation




Ethics in Government

Free Press

Gun Violence Protection





Protecting the Arts

Racial Justice

Religious Affairs

Supreme Court

Women’s Rights


Notes from Legislator Meetings